Nikon Makes Retro Cool Again

Nikon has recently released a camera that brings a retro style in a cool camera body design. The Nikon Df takes the best of old school 35mm camera bodies and includes the top of the line sensor for some amazing image quality. If you are a photographer who wants ultimate control when shooting candids and street photography, this model is worth checking out.

Its not cheap, but when you consider what it does and how sleek it looks – it makes sense. Its a throwback retro design that looks a bit like the golden age of 35mm from the 70’s or 80’s. Its smaller and less bulky than the large DSLR bodies that we’re used to seeing these days.

Nikon Df

If you do a lot of work with street photography, social documentary, etc – this camera is amazing. It has a very stealth profile and its quiet. This means you can get out and shoot without bringing lots of attention to yourself. This is important if you want to capture a natural sense of expression in your photographs for a more off the cuff improvisational look.

The other useful feature in the Nikon Df is the sensor. Its the same digital sensor from the top of the line D4 camera. This means you’ll get incredible low-light performance and impressive color representation overall. Check it out for yourself and see why this is one of the most interesting camera designs in the last 15 years!

What is a Daguerreotype?

If you love alternative process photography, you’re likely familiar with the George Eastman House. This museum in upstate New York is an incredible institution that celebrates and presents the history of photography in amazing ways.

They have a great channel on YouTube and make some of the coolest videos out there on photographic process.

This one is on Daguerreotypes. You should subscribe to their channel as the other videos are completely amazing as well.

Portfolio Website Tutorial

There are many reasons why you’d want to build a portfolio online. We’ve found an excellent tutorial on how to build a
photography portfolio website. As this tutorial shows you its very simple.

Basically there are three things that you will need to get started. First you will need a domain name. Second you’ll need hosting and finally you’ll need a CMS such as WordPress.

The tutorial shows you how to do this basically with one step. If you choose the right hosting company, such as Bluehost (as stated in the tutorial), then you can also get your domain name and even install WordPress for free. The total cost is only a few dollars a month.

This is simply the best tutorial we’ve found on building a photography website. You could also use this for other purposes such as an illustration, sculpture or fine art portfolio – it really doesn’t matter.

online portfolio website

If you want your work to be seen you need to get it online so people can find you. This is very important. You could also get some business cards printed to give to people with your “” domain name professionally printed on them.

In the past I’ve often been caught off guard when people ask where they can see my work. This is why its important to get a professionally designed look. The good news is that it doesn’t cost much and is extremely easy to put together.

Have fun!

Printing Your Photographs

Today we live in a digital world. Since we no longer have to go to the lab to have film developed from our cameras – everything now lives in the computer. This is an amazing time with technology, but there are still many dangers. At any time a hard drive could crash, a computer could break – there are many things that could force you to loose every image you have. Most people do not back up and archive properly. I believe there will soon be an entire generation of people who don’t have photographs of their prom-date, first birthday, graduation, etc.

You should print your work once in a while at the very least.

Printing is also important because its how we look at real work – NOT on a computer screen but on a beautifully printed page.

There are many places you can go to outsource printing and there are many printers available to use at home. The downside to using your own printer is the cost of paper and ink. It can be VERY expensive. And to make it worse, printing companies bring the price down so basically you get the printer free and the next time you go to buy ink, you’re paying almost as much as you did with the printer to begin with.

I’d suggest you try Adorama Pix. Their prices are very good and the quality is amazing. You can get 8×10’s made very cheaply and inexpensively. I’ve used them a lot over the years and they are always outstanding.

Print you work now and thank me later.